Sunday, February 10, 2008

President Hinkley was such a great man. He accomplished so much. We always looked forward to listening to him and watching him speak. He had such a great spirit was a great sense of humor. I know he missed his wife so much but he continued to the work of the Lord. He will be missed but we are so happy he is with Marjorie again.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is the 2nd blog today. This has been on my to do list, which never seems to get a dent in it.
Brooklynn is completely potty trained-YA!!! She even gets up during the night to go potty. She runs around naked a lot. She got her big girl bed this week, my grandpa made it for her. Great Gpa was so bored at home so he offered to build it for her, we love Gpa. It is so cute. She hated it for several nights though. She kept saying "I don't wike my bed, I don't want it, I seep in mommy's bed". She is so funny. She keeps trying to say that now but I just say I know hunny, go to bed and she's fine.
Kendra is wanting so bad to play in the snow but Parker can't yet and she doesn't want to play by herself. And it seems all our neighbors have the flu. So she just gets to hang out with mom. She is doing so good in school. She is learning to spell more words and trying to read. We went to a funeral in January and Kendra saw her great grandma crying and she did fine until we got home and then broke down crying because she doesn't want Grandma to die. She kept crying for about an hour that night. I promised we would get over to see Great Gpa and Gma more often.
Holy snow storm this weekend. I went out to shovel before church on sunday and the snow was up to my knees, our front door was covered and the swing set in our back yard is almost covered. It was insane.

Sorry-I don't know how to rotate the pictures, if and when I figure it out, I'll fix it.

Parker's Tonsils part 2

Before surgery. . .
After. Finally calmed down.

So Friday we had to be at the hospital by 6:30 and because of the snowstorm we had to leave at 5:30. And of course he didn't go back to have the surgery until about 8:45. And mabey it's a mom thing but I counted every minute, the DR told us it would only take about 1/2 hour so at the 1/2 hour mark I was even more nervous. About 20 mins later the DR came out and said everything went great. They gave him the gas mask and intubated him (which scares me)-I think I'm too much of a worrying mom. He gave us prescriptions and said we could go back soon, they would call us. Not even 2 mins later they called and told us to go back to recovery. Parker was freaking out. Trying to pull out his IV and screaming that something was stuck in his throat, gagging. He was so figity and cranky. Just seeing him laying in that bed, freaked out - I wanted to just cry for him. It took him about an hour to calm down and start eating ice/popcicles. Finally we got to go home. He wouldn't sleep the whole day, he looked like a walking zombie. We gave him lots of popcicles, and all of his meds. Friday night went fairly well. Saturday night he was up for 3 hours throwing up (I can't even imagine how that feels after surgery in your throat). We quit giving him pain meds, and just stuck with motrin and he is doing great. He is eating really well as of Sunday night. He still puts up a fight with taking his meds. We were really surprised at how well he did.