Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooklynn

3 years old!!! I can't believe our baby is 3 now. Brooklynn has gotten so big this past year. She is doing everything a typical 3 year old girl does. And loves everything a typical 3 year old girl loves. She plays dressups, loves makeup, loves to wear skirts or dresses. She does not like her hair to be brushed but loves it when it's done. She loves shoes. It doesn't matter whose shoes, she will wear them. She loves to play and run. She runs everywhere. She loves her dad but still refuses to let him do anything for her, she is getting better at some things. She has such a cute laugh and dimple. She keeps wanting to use her left hand to color and eat. Some of her favorite sayings and cute words,"I want to ride in daddy's *!uck(truck),bwankie, maeleys(pig tails), I sweep good(sleep good). She loves all disney princesses and can't wait to go back to Disneyland. She loves to be outside do anything. She had a Dora birthday cake and got so many cute toys. And she loves every single one of them. We were lucky. All her grandpa's and grandma's came over to celebrate with us.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wow how time flies

I can't believe it's mid June already. It's been a long time since I've written anything and I promised I would get it done this week. Well since it's been so long, here's a quick update. . .Parker is 8 and baptized, in scouts and going on 3rd grade. Kendra is 5 and learning how to read and going into Kindergarten, finally. Brooklynn is turning 3 this week, I can't believe it. She is learning so much everyday, and her birthmark on her face is almost completely gone. She keeps calling it "my mark" and loves to point out that it's going away.
We were in the process of buying a practice. I started working there April 1, every morning to learn how they do things and just what I need to know. Back up. . .first of all this practice is in Riverton and is such a great opportunity. It has 4 ops and has a loft upstairs (my fave part)that has 2 offices and our lounge area. I can take the kids and they go upstairs and watch TV and I put up a gate so they can never go down and bother Wayne. I spent the last 2 weeks of April on the phone non stop with insurance companies, I am not a fan of insurance companies. It was the biggest pain. There is so much stuff to setting up a practice. Briggs told us how involved it is, I had no idea. Wayne and I were released as ward activity people. I was put in as den leader and Wayne is the Ward Clerk.
May 1st we were official business owners. Wayne still had to fulfill a commitment at his other office for this month, so he was working 6 days a week. He was so drained. And I got 2 migraines in one weekend with all the stress. I was still going in every morning. The kids are doing pretty good but it's getting old being there everyday for them. Near the end of the month I feel it's starting to get under control a little bit. The office staff is amazing. They realize Wayne likes to talk a lot and try to keep him on track. He is so busy. But he likes it, he would rather be really busy than reading magazines like at his old office. Oh and we are official mini van owners. We had to put our explorer to sleep, it was so old and had so many problems. It's really nice, and Wayne really likes it but he wont admit it to his friends:)
Summer is here, well at least it says so on the calendar this month, but it has been so wet and rainy and snowy in the mountains. We actually had some free time to do yard work and plant some tomatoes. Wayne and Parker were supposed to go on a father sons camp out the first weekend in June but they got snowed out:) Brooklynn will be 3this weekend. We were able to hook up with the Briggs at their home and cook out. When we got there Shaun was cooking up some steaks and said that they have had these steaks for awhile and they are pretty tough-thanks for the invite guys. Just kidding, it was so fun to visit with them again. We didn't get home until early in the morning but it was fun.
I will try to be better at writing now that we can breath. Have a great summer everyone!!