Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. For those of you who have expressed disappointment in my blogging these past 2 months, I've posted 3 now today:) We hope 2008 will start off great and last all year long for everyone.

The end of another great year

It's been quite a year. 2007 went by so fast. This year we did a lot of camping and fishing. We went to Boondocks for the first time. We took the kids to Disneyland/Sea World/Wild Animal Park this past fall. I love visiting California

Wayne is still working for a Dentist as an associate. He has been fishing quite a bit, went on the bow hunt(I think he just likes to camp, just kidding, he really tried to get a dear) and is now attempting to build his own model airplane. He went flying with Shaun a couple of times. He bought a simulator to practice flying, and also bought xbox 360 (peer presure). He went to Las Vegas with his work and saw blue man group and even danced (if you can believe that).

I turned the big 30 this year and Wayne surprised me with a party/get together with our families. He also dropped the kids off with Gma over night and we went and stayed at the grand america hotel, went to Les Mis, went shopping and saw Pirates (all in 2 days). It was a lot of fun. I started working for a lady doing digital work. It's been fun learning new things. I havn't had much time to scrapbook but I was able to get a few pages done. Wayne and I were called as the Ward Activities Committee people and have been running around nonstop since August.

Parker turned 7 this year (8 in 2008). I can't believe how big he is. He has lost 3 teeth, learned how to heeley (which he is quite good at, he still makes me nervous). He still does NOT like going to see Wayne for his checkups though. He is learning to like swimming more. He played soccer, baseball, basketball and wrestling. We probably could have fit more sports in but we needed a break. We took sea doos to a lake and both Parker and Kendra loved it. Parker just wants to do anything his dad does.

Kendra turned the big 5. She is in Preschool again but still loves it. She is learning to write, spell and read. She took Gymnastics this year. She really is quite the singer. She wants to take singing lessons. She still loves the water. I think she was in our small pool this summer almost every day. She went to a little girls spa and had her nails and hair done (which she loved). She still loves to cook in the kitchen with me.

Brooklynn turned 2. She grew a few more teeth this year. She is loving to talk and run and play and be a girl. She loves dressups and watching princess movies. Just near the end of the swimming season, she started to love the water. She learned the word No very quickly and tries to get away with saying it to me all the time. She loves to get dirtier than Parker when we go camping. This was her first year to try sledding and she got more worn out than we did.

The Mateja's and The Davis's spent a few months in Utah and it was fun to visit with them and show them the sites. Brad and Jen Hammond came up to visit for a day and we bbq'd with them, Briggs, and Burdett's. We had another Christmas get together and saw Jared and Nicole, Briggs, Stephensons, Birch's and Jensen's. It's always fun to see friends. We have also gone to visit the Hintons in small town Loa a few times.

We are so grateful for our family and our friends. We have been so blessed this year.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Brown's.

In case anyone is wondering, yes you are getting a christmas card it's just been delayed.

We all had a fun Christmas. Christmas Eve, we made cookies for Santa and the kids slept until 8:30 Christmas morning.

Parker's favorites - he got a small remote helicopter, a remote dinosaur(which is way cool), nintendo DS with a mario game(which he shares with me quite a bit), and a BYU jersey.

Kendra's favorites - Island Barbie, Barbie car, Barbie horse, Bride and groom Barbie (is there a theme here?) oh and nintendo DS with a barbie game.

Brooklynn's favorites - Elmo (all the way), oger babies (ugly things but she loves them), princess babies.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Ok, I saw this idea and thought it would be fun to try it. If you are interested in posting some fun recipes that you have tried and love, let me know. I hope everyone will want to participate. Just go to the link on the right.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brooklynn's "Flies"

Before I start into the story you need to know that for some odd reason, Brooklynn calls her bugers "flies". So we were driving together the other day and Brooklynn says "Mom, look at my flys" so I turn around only to find her picking her nose and showing me her "flies". Kendra, so calmly and not cracking a smile says to her "Brooklynn, don't eat your flies". It was the funniest thing. It's good to have kids around that can make you laugh everyday.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Wheeler Farm

Ok I know I just posted our Halloween pictures but we went to Wheeler Farm this past week and it was so pretty. I took some cute pictures of the kids.

Happy Halloween

Halloween was fun and exhausting. Are costumes a ton more $ this year or is it just me? We carved our pumpkins Monday for FHE. Wayne of course did a tooth, I did a funny scarecrow face, Parker-a bat, Kendra- a cat and Brooklynn-a smiley face. Parker is in a new school this year and the principal decided no costumes. Which I don't think I liked. He was a green skeleton. Kendra was able to dress up for preschool and she was a witch princess, but wouldn't wear her hat. Brooklynn was little red riding hood. Brooklynn's little legs went a lot further this year and she absolutely loved trick or treating. We dropped Wayne and Brooklynn off and I took the other 2 kids around a little bit more, they could have kept going for a long time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Gopher Issues

Ok so I went outside a few weeks ago and there was a small little hole in our yard. I called the maintenance people and they told me to go buy some bait. Well of course I didn't and today when I went outside there are several holes and dirt mounds from this obnoxious critter. So I got online to see what I can do and it says "Dig a hole 6 inches deep and buy a gopher probe and probe underground until you find the start of the tunnel. Once you find that stick 2 traps down there." Ya right. Who in there right mind is sticking their hand down a gopher tunnel to set traps. It also said that if there are mounds in your yard they are probably getting ready to nest. So we may have a hole fam damily of gophers soon. I called the maintenance people back and said that they better come out or they wont have much of a yard left. And of course they havn't come out yet. Oh well.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Well I finally gave in and Wayne got an xbox 360 and halo 3 and has spent several nights playing live with some of the old gang. I don't know how they can stay up so late. He went fishing last week and said it was sooooo cold but has never caught so many fish. I'm taking his word on it, I have yet to see pictures. ha ha.
The past 2 weekends have been cold and snowy. The snow doesn't last more than a day and it's only enough for the kids to play for awhile. During the week it's 60-75 and nice. Although the mountains look pretty. The tops are covered in snow and the bottom half is still the fall red and orange colors.
We went to Gardner Village last week. If you havn't been there, they decorate this little village of shops with all these witches and pumpkins and it's fun just to walk through it. The witches scare Brooklynn but Parker and Kendra love to see all of them.
I've put off costumes long enough, I think it's time to go shop for them. They know what they want to be, I just need to do it before all that's left is getting a sheet and putting holes in it for a ghost.
I know most people don't want to think about Christmas yet but if you are coming up to visit we want to do another Christmas party get together like last year, it was fun.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We just returned from our California trip. We left a week ago and didn't tell the kids until we were about 4 hours into the trip. They were so excited. We drove all day Thursday. Friday, we went to Sea World. Which is amazing. The kids loved it so much. Kendra is our water bug and cried when she got splashed by Shamu, and Brooklynn usually hates water and laughed when she got splashed by Shamu, Crazy. They loved to pet the dolphins and the bat rays and watch the shows. We got the kids a Shamu stuffed animal and Brooklynn kept kissing it. We packed snacks for lunches just to not have to pay a ton for food in the parks and when Parker was talking about what we were doing the next day he brought up that we weren't going to eat lunch because we didn't do lunch at Sea World, we thought that was pretty funny. The next day we went to Wild Animal Park, which is not our favorite. It is way to long and just not enough variety of animals. So we will hit the zoo next time. Then on Sunday we just hit a lot of beaches on the way to Aneheim. We went to Coronado and ate at BJ's at Lagoona (which is our favorite pizza place ever) and then went to Newport. They love the beach. Then on Monday we did Disneyland. We only did 1 day there and that is not enough. It just seemed like a big amusement park and they didn't get to see hardly any characters. Which makes Disneyland Disneyland. So next time, at least 2 days there. The best part was at the end of the day when they had the parade, the kids just loved it. Brooklynn kept saying thinderella (cinderella). And Kendra and Parker just loved all the characters. Jaren and Britney Jensen hung out with us at Disneyland. It was so good to see them again. Their kids are getting so big. Tuesday we got packed up to come home but we stopped in at the Jensen's for breakfast and then headed out. We made it to Las Vegas and visited with Mark and Elizabeth Mateja for dinner at their new house. It was really fun to see them also. We made it home by 3am and Wayne had to be to work by 7am. He was so tired. We did a lot on our trip but it was fun. We decided to try to make it there every other year. Mabey we could try to plan a big Disneyland trip in a few years with other families, that would be so much fun.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wow, the first 2 weeks of September were quite eventful. Kendra turned 5. We tried using the "you cant cry about things anymore because you are 5 now", it only worked a few times. I can't believe she is 5 now. I don't feel like my kids should be this old already. She also had her first day of Preschool. And she loves it. YA!!! Three times a week. Wayne and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. I can't believe it's been 10 years. That's more than anyone on my side of the family except my grandparents. It's hard to imagine not being married to him and not having our kids. And I love him more than I did 10 years ago. He's a great husband and a great dad.
We also had our first ward activity that we were in charge of and it went great. We had more than half the ward plus some inactives. Now on to the next activity-the christmas party.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Finally, I got this blog thing figured out. Thanks everyone. I can't believe August is almost over. I just love fall time. This summer has been fun but crazy, we havn't done much but we've been going and going.

Wayne has been spending lots of time camping before and after the bowhunt. Nope, he didn't get anything yet. He has been spending most of his other spare time fishing. And then the rest of his spare time with his family. We are still trying to make him a partner with the Dr he has been working with for the past year, it seems to be quite a process.

Parker is in year round school (which I absolutely love). He is in 2nd grade and 7 years old. He rides the bus to school and loves it also. He is a procrastinator when it comes to getting his homework done (he gets that from his Dad). But he loves art, math and reading (he doesn't get that from either one of us). He loves to play outside with his friends and his sisters. He loves to fish with his dad and is picking up the fishing lingo. The other day he came home and told me they went fishing on the south side of the Provo River. It was quite cute.

Kendra will be 5 on Sept 5 and also starts preschool on her bday. She is so excited. This will be her 3rd year of preschool because she misses the deadline by 4 days. She has tremendous mood swings already. But she is so fun. She loves to play, she struggles with Brooklynn because Brooklynn has the same fiesty-ness as Kendra and they don't mix well. She loves gymnastics and dance but really wants to play soccer. So we might have both kids in soccer lessons this fall.

Brooklynn is 2 1/2 and it shows. She is talking so much. Our favorite sayings are oh farts (flip flops) and for truck she says a really bad word - *uck (she can't say the tr so she has a real potty mouth on her already). She loves her Kaker Bown (Parker Brown) and KK (Kendra Kae). She is trying to say prayers with us at night now which she loves. She lives in her swimsuit and some days we can get her to put a dress on over it. She loves her dad but REFUSES to let him put her to bed.

I'm at home with my kids all day and most days really love it. They keep me running all day. Parker is off school in Sept, so we are planning a surprise trip for the kids to CA and do Sea World, Wild Animal Park, Beach and Disneyland. They really had fun in CA last year so we are combining a family trip and our 10 year anniversary trip. It's going to be fun. Our ward just split so Wayne and I are the ward activity coordinators. Our first activity is in Sept and we are doing a potluck tailgate party. Hopefully it turns out ok. I'm still trying to get my diaper bag business going, it's slow going. I have finally pulled out all my scrapbooking stuff and I'm actually doing things. Hopefully with this blog page I will be better at keeping this updated, we'll see.