Monday, November 10, 2008

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New House Drama

Ok, we have had to tell the story over and over so we will just post it.
We weren't really looking for a home but this one just fell into our laps. We looked at it one day and made an offer that same day. The house was on a short sale. The family selling it was also the agents. They asked us if we wanted to use their son to do the financing, etc. . . So we thought we would see what he could do for us. It took him 6 weeks of dishonest things and still wasn't able to get us a loan. He asked Wayne to sign a form saying he didn't own his own practice and that he was just an employee. After that, I called up some friends and they recommeded this company in Tennessee. They were great. I called her on a Monday and by that night we were pre approved and by the next night we had our financing all in order. We were planning on closing in 2 weeks. We went in on a Friday morning and signed our closing papers. They told us the sellers would be in later that morning to sign and we were all set. We went home and moved 2/3rds of our things up to the new house. At 4:59 (this was a Friday) the owner/seller/agent called us and told us there were 2 liens on the house and we needed to come up with $17,000 to close or the bank would forclose. Well, nobody is open after 5 on a Friday. So Wayne sortof freaked out on them, saying that nobody told us this, we already closed and why was it him calling us and not the bank?! I was able to get ahold of someone still hanging around at the bank. He was shocked that the owner/seller called us to come up with the $. It was his responsibility. He said he would get ahold of him and get back to us next week. So, we moved out of the new house and stored things in our garage, at Wayne's dad's and part in the new house garage. So, that night we moved 3 times. Thank you so much to everyone who helped. The owner/seller's wife called Sunday and asked if we could meet to discuss things. Of course we told her no, that is was her responsibility to come up with the $, not ours. So we tried to hold it together through the weekend and not loose it in front of the kids. Oh did I mention we had to be out of our house by the next Friday. If this house didn't go through for us, we would need to find a storage for all of out things, move in with my mom and find a new house. So come to find out there were 13 liens on the house totalling $17,000 and the bank was going to waive most of them and the owner would pay part. Wednesday night-we had the final notice that everything was good to move in and that the sell of the new house was recorded with the county. So Wed/Thurs and Friday we packed/moved and unpacked. The house was 90% unpacked before we left because I did not want to come home to a house full of boxes. Friday night we also packed to go to Disneyland (which has been a long time planned and so needed). We left Saturday afternoon and stayed in Vegas and I will post Disneyland fun stuff later.


We had over 2 months to make the car and of course it wasn't done until minutes before the race. We had to add a lot of weights to the car but it was pretty cool. Parker designed it himself. He got an award just for participating. Mabey next year they wont procastinate so much:)


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm really late at posting this for her. I wanted to scan more pictures in of her but then we moved and this is the first time I've been able to sit and post anything. Kendra is 6 years old, well actually she turned 16 on Sept 5, I mean 6. Kendra was born on Wayne and mine's anniversary, so she is our anniversary baby. She was our smallest at 7lbs 9oz. She is currently in the 10th % for her height and weight. She has always been very independant and stubborn and fiesty. That's from the Brown's side:) She is in kindergarten and has really been struggling with changing schools. She has a major crush on a 13 year old boy. He is super cute but SHE'S 6!!! She's got us worried. She can't wait until she is old enough to date. She loves to play with Parker and Brooklynn and her friends. She loves to do makeup and pose for pictures. She doesn't let me do anything with her hair anymore, she wants it straight and nothing in it. She still likes to watch cooking shows. When she's not mad that she's not getting her own way, she loves to cuddle up right next to you and kiss and hug you. She is so adorable. We love her to pieces. Happy Late Birthday.