Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Parker

Wow, I can't believe Parker is 8. Time went by too fast. 8 years ago he became part of our family. He was 9 days over and weighed 9 lbs 4 oz and came out screaming. We can't imagine our life without him. We are so proud of him and all his accomplishments over the past 8 years. He is such an amazing boy.
Why we love him so much. . .
He has such a contagious laugh/smile
He loves his sisters
He is a great fishing/camping partner
He is a great reader
He loves math
He never wants mom or dad to be left out
He is starting to sortof like to help aroung the house
He loves to learn new things
He loves to draw and is very good at it
He has made the decision to be baptized and is counting down the days

Some things you may not know about him. . .
Favorite animal-hippo
Favorite colors-green and orange
He loves to bike/heeley
He loves to play wii/xbox/ds
He loves to play sports just to get as many trophys as possible
He loves to go to sports games but doesn't like to stay the whole time
He is scared of dogs of all sizes
He still has Jake(fav stuffed animal since he was 3)
He is 25% for his height
Since he had his tonsils out-he doesn't snore
He is competitive with Dad
His favorite food-chicken cord en blue
He is shy around big groups
He is going through a paper airplane phase-we have over 50 around the house
He takes the hottest showers possible