Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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Finally, I got this blog thing figured out. Thanks everyone. I can't believe August is almost over. I just love fall time. This summer has been fun but crazy, we havn't done much but we've been going and going.

Wayne has been spending lots of time camping before and after the bowhunt. Nope, he didn't get anything yet. He has been spending most of his other spare time fishing. And then the rest of his spare time with his family. We are still trying to make him a partner with the Dr he has been working with for the past year, it seems to be quite a process.

Parker is in year round school (which I absolutely love). He is in 2nd grade and 7 years old. He rides the bus to school and loves it also. He is a procrastinator when it comes to getting his homework done (he gets that from his Dad). But he loves art, math and reading (he doesn't get that from either one of us). He loves to play outside with his friends and his sisters. He loves to fish with his dad and is picking up the fishing lingo. The other day he came home and told me they went fishing on the south side of the Provo River. It was quite cute.

Kendra will be 5 on Sept 5 and also starts preschool on her bday. She is so excited. This will be her 3rd year of preschool because she misses the deadline by 4 days. She has tremendous mood swings already. But she is so fun. She loves to play, she struggles with Brooklynn because Brooklynn has the same fiesty-ness as Kendra and they don't mix well. She loves gymnastics and dance but really wants to play soccer. So we might have both kids in soccer lessons this fall.

Brooklynn is 2 1/2 and it shows. She is talking so much. Our favorite sayings are oh farts (flip flops) and for truck she says a really bad word - *uck (she can't say the tr so she has a real potty mouth on her already). She loves her Kaker Bown (Parker Brown) and KK (Kendra Kae). She is trying to say prayers with us at night now which she loves. She lives in her swimsuit and some days we can get her to put a dress on over it. She loves her dad but REFUSES to let him put her to bed.

I'm at home with my kids all day and most days really love it. They keep me running all day. Parker is off school in Sept, so we are planning a surprise trip for the kids to CA and do Sea World, Wild Animal Park, Beach and Disneyland. They really had fun in CA last year so we are combining a family trip and our 10 year anniversary trip. It's going to be fun. Our ward just split so Wayne and I are the ward activity coordinators. Our first activity is in Sept and we are doing a potluck tailgate party. Hopefully it turns out ok. I'm still trying to get my diaper bag business going, it's slow going. I have finally pulled out all my scrapbooking stuff and I'm actually doing things. Hopefully with this blog page I will be better at keeping this updated, we'll see.